Venice: Alluring, enchanting, mysterious. Unique could not be more appropriate - as you will undoubtedly never see a city made of stone built over a sea again. The canals, the romance, the wine, the history, the food. Venice seems to be made of magic itself, and if you ever spend a quiet night on the canals watching the street lights dance across the water as it sloshes gently against several hundred year old doorsteps, you will be sure to agree. You will learn to navigate a town by the schedule of it's boats and you will inevitably wonder what the lives of the local residents must be like both now, and 1500 years ago when the city was founded. The rich and troubled history of this place practically spills out onto the streets, excuse me – canals, and is captivating in a way that is difficult to describe in words. Enjoy un caffé at a coffee shop overlooking the canals and engage a local in conversation if you can, the people here are just as intriguing as a moonlight gondola ride.