The Split

Caye Caulker, Belize

There are few places in the world that embody the relaxed Island lifestyle more than Caye Caulker, a Caribbean island off the coast of Belize. Their motto perfectly embodies life here: Go Slow.  Where the white sandy streets have not a single car, shoes are never required and there is always time for a nap on the beach, life here is almost as simple as it gets. The island itself is less than five miles long, not quite one mile across. It is split in half; the upper half is a dedicated wildlife preserve of dense mangrove jungle with plenty of neat birds to spot and the lower half holds the only town. Daily activities in Caye Caulker are far from normal, walking to the store might involve a pleasant, hour long conversation with a stranger who was trying to sell you fruit. But hey – neither of you were in a hurry in the first place. The diving here is world-renowned, with the Belize barrier reef being one mile to the east and the surrounding ocean remaining in pristine condition. If diving isn't for you, kayaks are readily available and well worth the potential sunburn of a day spent exploring. Rent a bike and casually pedal around the island, or take some time to simply lounge on the beach, nap in a hammock, and enjoy the scenery – nobody here will judge you for doing nothing for days on end. Just be sure you make a pit stop somewhere to eat the freshly barbequed conch and enjoy a cold Belikin. One last piece of advice: Watch the sunset every night that you're here, it’s a sight you won't soon forget.