Can a Robot really be a Bartender?

Heard about this Robot Bartending Competition and immediately knew I had to go. 

It was at DNA Lounge in San Francisco, and $16 bought me admission as well as two drink chips to be used with any robot I desired. 

We were greeted by the beer bot on entrance. He moved around the floor on a Roomba-like device and stopped at our feet. First thought: I need one of these in my house (wait- could it vacuum my floor while bringing me beers?) and are those beers cold still?

I loved the butler-looking bartender screen on this one. 

This is the kind of stuff that science should be doing. 

Seriously, who doesn't want their own self-vacuuming, beer-delivering robot?

This guy was not a competitor, but his mask/helmet was badass. Reminded me of a beer guzzling Bender of the Futurama variety. Also his eyes kept changing shape and at one point I caught him giving me the robot-stink-eye. It probably wasn't actually directed towards me but I'm going to choose to believe that it was. 

Maybe I'm the only one, but I totally assumed that the robots would look like people. Claw-handed robots with creepy Siri-esk voices that picked up bottles and poured drinks and maybe wore silly robot bowties. 

This one was mechanical, not computer driven. Pretty cool. You picked a metal card with your drink of choice and slotted it into the conveyor belt underneath the dispensers. The metal cards each had a specific pattern on top and triggered the release of liquid from the appropriate bottles. Personally I think the actual liquor bottles would have looked better, but some of these bottles had other non-liquor ingredients so I understand the choice. 

Another mechanical one. This one only made Manhattans though. I don't drink Manhattans,  but I might if I had this thing in my bar room. 

The beer bot keeping the party going all night. 

I love that SF city has weird events/competitions/festivals like this all the time. Combined with the latest and greatest tech vibes in and around Silicon Valley, it makes for some pretty interesting goings on. One of the many reasons to get out and about in the Bay Area. 

Until next time! 

Check out DNA Lounge's website here: