The Most Profound Life Lessons I've Learned Thus Far

1. Read More; Watch Less.

You hear this time and time again and still, people waste hours per day doing these things. Not just watching television anymore either: watching videos online, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, endless video games, and other crap that prevents them from actually living. 

You only get one life, Don't waste it just filling your time with meaningless stimulation.

You know what doesn't matter at all? What all your boring high school friends are putting on their 300 second snapchat story. You always have something better to do. Always. 

If you want to live an amazing life, you have to stop wasting it. 

2. Create a life that You don't NEED to Vacation from. 

Don't live your life for the weekends. Your day-to-day life IS your life. If it's boring, fact check: you're boring.

Create a sustainable, enjoyable life with things that you enjoy. Eat delicious food, have fun, don't worry about little things, and surround yourself with people that you love and build you up. 

The second part of this advice was: Vacation anyway because it's incredible. 

3. Your Relationships are the Most Important Things You Have

This is understated and undervalued in today's society. Half of the garbage you see on the internet is 'always think about number one' and 'hurt them before they hurt you'. The other half is about how nobody is loyal and how pathetically lonely people are. Throw in a meme about how pizza is Bae and a cat picture, and you have the entire internet. 

Here is some good advice: 

Stop being an asshole. 

Maybe then people will start treating you like you're not an asshole to them.

Give to others without the expectation that they will then give back. Have no shame in showing how much the people in your life mean to you. 

The way that you treat the people around you (whether they mean anything to you or not) is a true testament to the type of human being that you are. Love completely and you'll find that more and more people will return that your way. 

Being comfortable with being vulnerable is one of the most empowering feelings in the world.  

4. People Will Show You Who They Are; Believe Them. 

Building on Number 3, don't be in denial about the people in your life. You are allowed to love somebody and know that they are flawed. Are you perfect? Didn't think so. 

Have the hard conversations with people in your life. Don't pretend like somebody didn't hurt you, that doesn't help anybody. Give them the chance to make it better. If you were acting like a total dick then you would want one of your friends to tell you so you have the chance to stop also. But if they don't, realize that you have better relationships in your life to foster and move along. 

Summary of this point: 

Some people will never stop being terrible to you. Don't waste your time with them. 

From the opposite perspective, when somebody shows you that they care and are there for you, Don't take advantage of them. Return their affection and be vocal about your gratitude. 

5. Prepare Yourself to Take Risks

This applies to all parts of your life. 

Have a savings account, so you don't have to stress about money when something goes wrong. Trust us, something will go wrong. 

Take care of your normal crap when it comes up, so you can enjoy the time you have off. 

Being unorganized and unprepared for life is not only unattractive, it's also dumb. You already know that life is random, why aren't you ready for it yet?

Set yourself up to be able to do things on a whim. You CAN go to an unexpected beach trip, because you were ready for fun to happen to you at any moment. You CAN call in sick when you're not sick, just because it's nice outside and dammit, you want to go eat tacos in your backyard in your underwear while the neighbors aren't home.

Set yourself up for success. 

6. Do Everything with Purpose

Seek out that which inspires you. 

Everything you do, do with thought and reason. Take a moment to consider what you are doing and the positive and negative outcome it could have in your life. (Should I really eat tacos in my underwear outside? Probably not. But you're going to anyway because you thought it out and really nothing bad will happen and the risk is worth the reward.)

Have a life plan that is fluid and easily adapted to new opportunities. Take time to map out life goals both short and long term. Pursue the things and people that will help you achieve these goals.

Don't think that you can 'whatever' your way through life and have your life be worth talking about. It won't. You'll end up marrying somebody you only kinda like and working a job you are just okay at and driving a minivan because it's practical. Is that what you want?

Each of your actions, without exception, affects your life. 

7. Learn all that You Can

The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.
— Voltaire

Learn everything you can. Indulge your intellectual curiosity. The age of technology has allowed us to have vast stores of information at our fingertips at all times.

You want to know what the difference between hair and fur is? Look it up. You want to know how the brakes in your car that you drive every day work? Find out. You'll be a more effective (or at least a more interesting) person because of it. 

Not only knowing but understanding, changes you. You grow and develop as a person. You are exposed to other's thoughts. Knowledge really is freedom. And as a side bonus, It's really satisfying knowing more than your smart-ass coworker who thinks he knows everything. 

Having opinions does not make you special. Being capable and willing to take in new information and develop your way of thinking to adapt to these new facts is real power. 

8. Have Three Hobbies

One that is physically demanding. Nobody really wants to be weak and out of shape.

One that challenges you mentally. 

One that sincerely relaxes you. Because hey, you deserve it. 

9. Excuses are Always Excuses

This was the toughest one for me to accept.

Individually, it was difficult for me to concede that some of my actions were due to pure selfishness. I didn't want to think that I totally wrong. I definitely didn't want to think that somebody out there was thinking 'Wow, she sucks.' and was totally right. However once I did realize that, I was able to determine the cause of my selfishness and initiate the process of changing myself. 

Denial never helped anything. 

This fact was also painful to realize in others. If somebody acts like they don't care about you, it is because they don't care about you. Plain and simple. 

Final thought of the day: If you genuinely want something, you will make it happen. 

These are not all the lessons I've learned along the way, but some of the most profound. I try my best to live by them continuously. Well, most of the time. 

What's the best advice or life lesson you have ever been given or taught?



Kathryn Garcia