You should take a flying lesson

For Christmas this year, I decided to give experiences, not things. Which lead me through some fairly interesting search engine boxes as I slowly realized that I don't completely know what the people I love like to DO. 

The search eventually ended up with us booking a private flying lesson with AeroDynamic Aviation, and it was completely worth the search. I would recommend taking one of these lessons to everybody. Informative, fun, different and not too expensive.

Our instructor was Batelle and our plane was a 1973 Cessna 172M. 

She was superb; knowledgable and friendly to us first-timers. She clearly loved flying and was excited to share that hobby with us. It made for a relaxing start as she lead us through all the different parts of the plane and how one is supposed to inspect it before take off. 

Before we knew it, we were off the ground. 

San Jose is incredible, and even more so from the air. I wasn't piloting, so I had plenty of opportunity to enjoy the view. 

Our Pilot, Batelle. 

Conclusion: 100% worth it. Made me more comfortable with flying (I've never really liked planes), was a really good gift, got a unique view of the city I currently call home, learned a bit about planes, and got a few good shots on the way. 

Aerodynamic Aviation:

Details about our Cessna Here