8 of the many reasons to fall in Love with Canada

1. The Views flying in

2. Canada Day

If anybody has ever told you that Canadians aren't patriotic, they are dead wrong. The pride (well deserved, in my opinion) for all things Canada is strong every July 1st. 

In Victoria especially. Highly recommend you see the Canadian spirit in Victoria if you get the chance. They give Americans a run for their money. Well, Almost. 

3. Incredible wide open spaces

It seems like everywhere you look is another breathtaking view. Probably boring to live surrounded by, but really nice to look at driving through. 

I honestly have no idea what this is, but it looks cool. 

Fields of canola. 

4. Ceasars and Beers

You CANNOT go to Canada and forego a Caesar. Clamato, spices, garnish, and typically Vodka, they are delicious and refreshing and all things Canadian. Delicious. The contest for the most elaborate Caesar topping is ongoing, although I think that this one might take the cake. 

Local breweries are a go-to in any new town I stop in. And Granville Island Brewing was particularly good. 

5. Skies and Sunsets

Sunset outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

The wide open spaces outside of the cities makes for some stunning skies. 

Vancouver, BC. 

6. Hiking

If the chance arises for you to hike in Canada, TAKE IT. 

8. National Parks

I only got a chance to drive through western and central Canada, but I did get lucky enough to go through Banff National Park. While these are possibly the least impressive photos of Moraine lake ever (I was shamefully distracted by an unusually cute chipmunk and failed to take many photos), it is incredibly blue and crisp. 

I can easily come up with 80 reasons to fall in love with the Land of Maple, this post must not go on forever. 

In conclusion: Go to Canada. Fall in love with it for yourself, it's inevitable once you there. And It's worth it.